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Technology and IT Trends in Healthcare 2020

It is not an exact science attempting to forecast future trends. Yet many stakeholders welcome the assistance that the trend analysis industry brings –  giving some order and insight into the noisy jungle of innovation, disruption and opportunities. Healthcare technology is no different in this respect. When reviewing and collating the various trend predictions for […]

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The Importance of Blended Finance in Achieving SDGs and Directing Private Capital to ESG Projects

To achieve mandated Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by 2030 and facilitate the growth of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) opportunities globally a substantial increase in investment is needed – from infrastructure projects like schools, hospitals, broadband networks, pipelines and roads to funding innovative national healthcare and technology initiatives.

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What drives change in Healthcare?

Healthcare impacting dynamics and secular trends Healthcare – big, complex, labour driven, dominated by science, public and private, digitalized and yet still recessive, awe inspiring, (com-) passionate, mission critical, charitable and being a huge corporate industry globally. It’s so many things and fits so few stereotypes that sometimes it feels like a universe in itself. […]

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Digitalisierung ist nicht die Frage. Prozessmanagement schon.

by Holger Cordes Seit einer halben Generation werden Wahlprogramme mit dem Vorhaben der „Digitalisierung“ verschönert. Es gibt nationale Großprojekte wie die sprichwörtliche „Telematik-Infrastruktur“. Die Digitalisierung wird inzwischen von Staatssekretären vorangetrieben, demnächst von eigenen Ministerien. Und gleichzeitig erleben wir für unser Gemeinwesen in den letzten 12 Monaten eine regelrechte digitale Götterdämmerung. Ob in Schulen und Universitäten, […]

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